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Programmable Logic Control (PLC)


Welding Qualification

Our Top Services

Training and Certification

Ikomo Energy services provides, managed oil & gas services, training and business facilities to client. We’re passionate about providing high quality amenities which allow business to stay focused on their core competencies.

Bulk Material Handling

We have an excellent track record in the Bulk Material Handling environment, which is a complex and evolving Industry. With the co-operation of complementary professionals on multi-disciplinary projects we have achieved remarkable success to the satisfaction of our Clients.

Proven Performance Record

During the past decade, we have successfully completed a number of projects covering various disciplines such as Calibration, maintenance of process plant instrument, Leak testing of process lines, Installation / Construction & Commissioning.

OEM Products

We provides OEM product and also carry out repair, maintenance, installation and operation in all the field instrument Cross section of control valves.

Supply, Construction, Installation & Commissioning

Since 2005, our general scope of work has covered various disciplines such as the supply of construction materials and main electrical equipment, training and certification of personnel, Installation of electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment, testing of supplied and free issued equipment as well as system commissioning.

Calibration Laboratory

We offer primary and secondary calibration both in the bench and field , our calibration is traceable to NIST and other international standard.

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January, 2019
Port Harcourt

There will be an induction ceremony for all our newly admitted students to officially welcome them into the family. All admitted students are exptected to do everything in preparation for the event.